How Using Online Classified Ads and Print Ads Can Increase Your Chances for Selling Your Item(s)

When you have an item or items to sell, one of the most effective ways to sell it is through print advertising.  Most local newspapers don’t charge anything for listing an item so long as the item’s value is under $100.  There are other such publications as the PennySaver which also allow you to run free ads for you to sell your stuff.  While print ads are a fantastic way to sell your item or items there are some downfalls.

You really can’t give a detailed description in your print ad.  You are limited to a certain number of words f0r free ads.  If you are using a paid ad, the more words and lines your ad has, the more you will pay for your ad.  This presents a problem.  The more detailed your ad, the better chance you have of selling it.  However, the more detailed the ad, the more it will cost you.  Pictures are another downfall to print advertising.  Unless you buy a huge ad, which isn’t likely, you won’t be able to include a picture of your item.  As they say in the newspaper business “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Thanks to the internet and online classified sites like you can overcome these downfalls of print advertising and maximize your chances of selling your item.  You can list your item in the print media as you normally would, except now all you have to do is say: “More info @”  or you can even say “See pics @”  ( will bring them directly to The World For Sale.) Now, your potential buyers will be inlcined to come to The World For Sale and get more information and see pictures.  Your potential buyer will go to the category, or type a search in for the item you’re selling and find it.

The beauty is, you can write as much as you want in your item description.  You have a much better chance of selling your item by using this strategy.  You use the print media to garner interest.  You use The World For Sale to give an in-depth description and show pictures.  Best of all, all your contact information can also be put into your ad.  By using this method, you’ll probably more than double your chances of selling your item!

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